Convert Linked Data files

Linked Data has multiple representations. The Cayley CLI includes a utility to convert Linked Data files from one format to another.

Convert from one format to another

$ cayley convert -i data.jsonld -o data.nquads
-i is the input file to be converted. In this example it is a JSON-LD file named data.jsonld.
-o is the file to be created in the desired format. In this example it is a N-Quads file named data.nquads.

Explicitly specify formats

The formats of the input and output files are detected automatically by the file extension. In case a specific format should be used for input or output use --load_format and --dump_format respectively.
$ cayley convet -i data.jsonld -o data --dump_format pquads
--dump_format is set to the P-Quads format, a binary format used internally in Cayley.